Hi there. Thanks for reading this. I wanted to jot some thoughts down as to why I’ve decided to create Everywhere Acres.

You could essentially call Everywhere Acres, the Real Estate arm of Everywhere, but it will be it’s own company and operate a lot differently. It’s been created out of a huge void that we’ve had at Everywhere, which is the need for our Customers to have the opportunity to stay in our homes (our way) before they decide to purchase one. It’s the ultimate ‘try before you buy’ scenario.

Together with a team I am working on, we will get started on purchasing land and creating “boutique properties” that utilize Everywhere Homes and just have that Everywhere vibe. The idea started when I was discussing branding our cabin property in Tetonia, Idaho where my Grandpa & Grandma Winnie built our cabin in the 1970s. The place is so epic and hard to beat. It’s so close to so many amazing places like national parks and ski resorts but also close to good food and shopping as well. I grew up going there each and every summer and now it just feels like a second home to me.

I’m taking that same spirit of adventure, combined with unique places to live and expanding it out to some of my other favorite places within the United States and eventually within the world.

In addition to these properties, we plan to work with Real Estate Agents to sell the most epic plots of land you can buy. In my spare time, I’m always browsing land and dreaming up ideas on how to make the land better. Ultimately, we want to find amazing things and share it with others.

So that’s it for now. Many good things to look forward to in the future. Stay tuned!

– Brand Winnie